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What is a portable power station?

Among the must-have gear for outdoor campers and amateurs in 2019 is a portable power station. As far as recommendations go, I always have this gear in my must-have list. And it is not just me; the rise in portable power station popularity in recent years show just how much people value these devices.

What Is A Portable Power Station?

A portable power station (or a portable power source or portable power generator) is a super-capacity power bank with multifunctional capability. With a compact and lightweight build, the device allows you to power devices while on the go. Aside from use in camping adventures, you can use the portable power stations during emergencies, such as powering your lamps or fridge during power outages.

Why You Need A Portable Power Station

A portable power generator provides you with clean and safe energy. This form of power supply is far better and beneficial when compared with traditional power supplies such as oil and coal. Portable powers stations are especially helpful in the following situations.

The Outdoors

A portable power station is designed with portability as the main feature. As such, they come with a lightweight build, built-in handles, and robust casing. Importantly, they provide stable power supply through AC, DC, and USB ports, allowing users to power a wide range of devices.

Some of the devices that you can power using a portable power station include a heater in the tent during cold nights, an induction cooker for cooking, and your mobile devices such as phones, laptops, GPS, Bluetooth speaker, and other accessories. In a nutshell, it can run all the devices you would typically carry with you while camping. Some of the portable power stations have solar panels to recharge the power station. This allows you to power your devices for those long camping expeditions. As long as it is sunny, you get clean, free energy.

In Emergency Situations At Home

Power outages can be frustrating. Nonetheless, they are common, especially following natural disasters. It is, therefore, prudent to prepare yourself for such situations by investing in a portable power station. It provides homeowners with ideal power back-up for use indoor. A mobile power station will power your lamp and other essential appliance. The power stations also come with their in-built LED light and SOS flash, making them ideal for use in emergencies.

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