When you need Power, You need Power2Go!

No matter how far off grid, Power2Go keeps you powered up and connected!

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Bold North Outdoors™ (BNO) is proud to provide the highest quality portable battery boxes money can buy.

Our Portable Power Boxes are perfect for the everyday outdoorsman and for use in emergency situations.

The Portable Power Stations are versatile enough for almost any application. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to charge any electronic devices you need, including cell phones, tablets, fish finders, game/trail cams, game callers, decoys and drones. They can also operate fans and lights when ice fishing, as well as operating all DC powered electronics!

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Severe weather hits all across the world everyday, from tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, snow storms, and unexpected power outages leaving people without power for days.  Have your Power2Go to power your cell phone, radio, lights, fans, or anything to help power through the tough times.


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Have the peace of mind while camping and take your Power2Go to  charge your cell phones and electronics, blow up your air mattress for sleeping or your inflatable water mattress for lounging in the lake.  Take control and power your CPAP and enjoy nature to its fullest.  Provide light in your tent, screened in porch or have a flash light available within arms reach.

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Ice Fishing

Light up your ice shack, fans, and depth finders with ice fishing.  Charge your phone, tablet, and go-pro’s ensure you capture that great catch.  Provide light while transporting your equipment on and off the ice with your Power2Go.


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Have your Power2Go with you while fishing and never miss a moment by powering your go-pro when catching that 5 finger fish.  Power your trolling motor to get you where the fish are hiding.  Power your fish finder, blue tooth speaker, and portable lights to catch that night bite.  Where there is power to be, there is Power2Go!

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Tired of your phone running out of battery playing Big Buck Hunt on your phone waiting for the 12 pointer to come walking on by? Watched endless video of a squirrel dancing around on your game cam causing your battery to die?  Take your Power2Go and solar panel giving you endless power to catch that  12 pointer crossing your game cam.  Have your Power2Go with you in your hunting shack to charge your electronics and give you light while waiting for him to return.  Don’t go blind sitting in your blind again!

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Don’t be without power when in remote areas or in emergency situations when the electrical grid is down ever again! Contact us today! (763) 257-6339

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Our Portable Power Boxes are the best on the market and are preferred by outdoorsmen everywhere. Learn more about these unique power boxes and accessories! Click here.


With unlimited possibilities for ice fishing, camping, boating, hunting, emergency response, and more, BNO Portable Power Box is a must-have tool for everyone! Learn more.

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