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Bold North Outdoors™ (BNO) is proud to provide the highest quality portable battery boxes money can buy.

Our Portable Power Boxes are perfect for the everyday outdoorsman and for use in emergency situations.

The Portable Power Stations are versatile enough for almost any application. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to charge any electronic devices you need, including cell phones, tablets, fish finders, game/trail cams, game callers, decoys and drones. They can also operate fans and lights when ice fishing, as well as operating all DC powered electronics!

3 Reasons to Choose Bold North Outdoors™ Portable Power Boxes

You can’t go wrong with Bold North Outdoors™ Portable Powered Battery Boxes. Here’s why.

We Make One Product – Portable Power Boxes – and We Do it Right!

BNO Portable Power Boxes is Designed to Offer Unique Competitive Advantages:

  • Products are built in the US and stocked for quick turnaround
  • Assembled in-house to ensure the highest level of quality control
  • Priced comparable to our competitor’s products but comes with several added features
  • Made with marine-graded components
  • Comes with four independent switches that separately controls each feature so as not to drain the battery
  • Comes with Battery Capacity Meter that displays percent of battery giving user exact estimate of remaining power, versus volt meter that just displays a digital number
  • Comes with Two 2.1A USB fast charging ports, where others come with one
  • Comes with two sets of insulated terminal posts to operate your fans, lights, hunting callers, decoys, trail/game cams and solar panel
  • Not permanently sealed allowing the user to open the box and change out the battery after its’ life expectancy has come to an end
  • Protected with a 20 amp circuit breaker to ensure safety of device and devices connected.  Easy reset button if ever tripped, versus fuse blocks where user has to carry extra replacement fuses
  • Insulated with anti-static impact foam to protect all the components inside of box if dropped
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, with no sharp edges
  • Available in two sizes to meet all your needs
  • One size offers a built in UV Glow Cup for ice fishing to charge your jigs for long lasting glow

Our Portable Power Stations Can Be Used Anywhere, Anytime, For Any Portable Power Application

What do you do when you find yourself in a remote area and need power? What happens when the grid goes down during a storm and you lose access to electrical power?

Bold North Outdoors™ provides a simple, reliable solution. Our Portable Power Boxes give you unlimited 12V power – no matter where you are.

We also offer a solar panel that can be easily connected to the battery, providing unlimited power and endless applications!

We Offer the Best Service and Pricing on Portable Power Boxes – Hands Down!

At Bold North Outdoors™, we promise to meet or beat our competitors’ pricing for comparable products. We’re also committed to giving you the best customer experience possible, which is why all service calls go directly to knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you with products, accessories, and shipping information. All of our products come with a 30-day replacement guarantee, and since our products usually ship within 24 hours, you can be sure to get your Portable Power Station when you need it!

Don’t be without power when in remote areas or in emergency situations when the electrical grid is down ever again! Contact us today! (763) 257-6339

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