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Read why Bold North Outdoors is the better, bolder choice for portable power when off-the-grid

The Bold North Advantages are clear.

Our company compared the BNO Portable Power Station to the 5 Top-Rated Portable Power Stations for 2019, in the same price range, and here are our Unique Competitive Advantages.

Advantages graphic.png

Ease of Use

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Other products on the market produce a power station where the interior of the unit is "off-limits" and not readily accessible. BNO’s power station is user-friendly - easily opened by removing the latch, giving the outdoorsman easy access to replace a defective or fully drained battery, thus allowing the outdoorsman to continue using the product when in remote areas.

Other products state if their products malfunction, one must not attempt to open the power station and must instead return it to the manufacturer - not an easy task for the outdoorsman on-the-go and in the wild.

Power2Go Bold North Outdoors Power Station Internal View

Accessible Circuit Breaker

Other products soldered the BMS chip to a circuit board and if it malfunctions there is no way for the outdoorsman to reset it. When this occurs, the unit will not charge or produce power and in this case, the other products direct you not to open the unit but instead go to the trouble of sending it back to the supplier, leaving the outdoorsman stranded without portable power. In contrast, our power stations allow the outdoorsman to easily open the unit and reset the circuit breaker (same as a circuit breaker in your house) to restore power. 

Power2Go Bold North Outdoors Power Station Glow UV Light

Glow UV Light

The top 2019 products do not supply a Glow UV light to glow your gigs when ice fishing. Bold North Outdoors does!

Solid Construction That's Tough.

 Built-In Go Pro Mounts

The top power station products do not include mounts for your Go Pro. Bold North Outdoors thoughtfully included the option to add mounts to help you record any and every outdoor adventure.

* Mounts available on the 200 series model

BNO’s components are marine grade and weather-safe with marine grade covers, thus reducing the chance of debris, dirt, and water damaging the unit. Most other products have no protection for their components.

Handy Exterior Inverter.

Other products feature a built-in inverter, which provides a specific amount of AC power only. This limits the unit’s flexibility as there is no capability of increasing the power that is converted without purchasing another, more expensive unit. BNO’s solution is to sell an exterior inverter, as an add-on, that provides the outdoorsman’s necessary power. This is a cheaper alternative than other products.

Power2Go Bold North Outdoors Power Station Exterior Inverter
100xl black top view.png
12ah side view.PNG

Lithium Phosphate Batteries VS SLA Batteries.

BNO batteries are LIFEPO4 batteries. These batteries are the lightest, safest, longest-lasting lithium batteries available.  All batteries have a built-in BMS chip, which gives you charging and discharging cutoff protection for your safety and increased longevity along with cell balancing.


Our batteries feature 2,000 cycles - some 4 times more than the standard, 500 cycles. Thus, Bold North Outdoors provides a longer life span for the outdoorsman. 

Solar Chargeability

At Bold North Outdoors, we ensure that we have a product that works for you. That’s why we offer 3 different plugs and play portable solar panels. When off the electrical grid, BNO’s solar panels will keep your batteries charged by collecting solar energy to be stored in our lithium power station. BNO provides a 10-Watt, 30-Watt, and 50-Watt solar panel to give you a continuous charge when in remote areas. Our solar panels come with two different adapter plugs; cig socket adapter and alligator clip adapter.

300 (3).jpg
30w - 50w front.jpg

 100 Series

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

(Without Battery)


12" length x 4" width x 8" height

side box blue.png

200/300 Series

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

(Without Battery)


14" length x 10" width x 10" height

* 300 Series Shown

4 sizes to fit all your Portable Power Needs

Other manufacturers make the customer purchase an entire, larger more expensive power station if they need longer-lasting power. BNO's solution is to provide the customer with a large power station, which allows the end-user to add a larger battery to their existing power station or multiple strings of batteries to the unit (using our wire harness to attach multiple batteries) reducing the need to recharge and extending the outdoor experience.

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