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The Many Uses For Our BNO Portable Power Box

Portable Battery Power Boxes are indispensable tools for any outdoor enthusiast. In fact, a battery power box is a must-have tool for everyone. With the best BNO Portable Power Box on the market, you never have to worry about losing power again.

Portable power is a great addition to any camping setup and at Bold North Outdoors, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality portable power boxes that money can buy. A portable power source is perfect for everyday outdoor excursions and an essential piece of equipment in emergency situations. We have designed the ultimate power box that is versatile enough to be used anywhere, anytime, for almost any application, no matter where you are. Having a dual battery system not only makes your outdoor excursions easier and more enjoyable, but it is also very important. In any outdoor situation, it is crucial to ensure that necessary equipment is kept fully charged and that your car battery will still be able to start up.

The Many Uses for Our Portable Power Boxes

– Unlimited 12 Volt power for fishing, boating, camping, hunting, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. – Light up your campground with two sets of terminal posts to operate lights, fans, game callers, drones, fish finders, game/trail cams, decoys, etc. – UV Glow Cup to Operate lights and fans for ice fishing – Two USB fast-charging ports to operate any electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets – An optional BNO Solar panel connection for unlimited power and many other applications – A simple, reliable solution for emergency situations such as losing access to electric power during a storm or experiencing an electric grid shut-down – Simple, reliable power when you find yourself in a remote area or in an emergency situation – Operate a portable fridge and even a TV – Available in two sizes to meet different needs

At BNO, assembling portable battery power boxes in-house is our only business and therefore we are able to focus all our attention on getting it right. We use only the highest quality marine-graded components made in the USA. Each compact unit comes with 4 independent switches to control features separately, preventing the battery from being drained. Our battery capacity meter displays the exact estimated percentage of battery power remaining compared to a voltmeter that simply displays a digital number.

Order your BNO Portable Power Box today and find out how it can change your outdoor life adventures by raising the level of your comfort and safety. We are committed to offering the best service and pricing and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you with any information you need on our products, accessories, shipping, and pricing. All our products come with a 30-day replacement guarantee and usually ships within 24 hours so you can have your BNO Portable Power Box as soon as you need it.

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