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Portable Power Stations: The Most Important Gear for Outdoor Influencers?

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Social media and a strong online presence are more critical than ever for outdoor companies or brands, as well as individual hunters, hikers, anglers, and other outdoorsmen who are dedicated to bringing their passion for the great outdoors to millions of interested people online.

There are more opportunities to reach people than ever no matter what the size of the company or even if you're a solo outdoor enthusiast wanting to share your outdoor adventures with friends, family, and followers. However, because of photography drones, digital cameras that put past cameras to shame, exceptional Go Pros, and even smartphone cameras that become more and more impressive every year, the need for truly exceptional and original pictures and videos is larger than ever.

Portable Power Stations: Power in the Most Remote Locations

Pictures or videos of the most remote and beautiful natural areas were often few and far between, and mostly came from professional crews backed by TV or large corporations because getting reliable gear and the support you needed to those places was beyond your average budget – even for all but the most enthusiastic of hikers, hunters, anglers, or other outdoor enthusiasts.

This is the age of the online influencer. That means drone shots of the PCT, digital photos & videos of truly isolated hunting camps, and many thousands of individuals who can build an entire career on building a following of outdoor lovers waiting for the next picture, the next video, the next product pitch.

Mediocre stock footage doesn't work anymore. With so many great photos and videos already out there, it takes tools and effort to stay on top because if one photographer or outdoor video specialist won't do their best, another will go that extra mile.

This means they need high tech equipment, and they need those smartphones, Go Pros, GPS systems, photography drones, lights, and other equipment to stay charged at a moment's notice even when many miles away from the nearest building or outlet.

This is where the Bold North portable outdoor power station comes into play.

Portable Power Stations Are a Necessity

These aren't just an extra little toy or neat new gadget. Gone are the days where a company, large or small, can put a full color ad in a magazine and sit back and wait for the orders to come in. Online is where all the eyes are, and that means having your own powerful online presence or teaming up with those who do.

Outdoors influencers are playing a bigger part of the online advertising world than ever, because it's so effective. There are far more eyes on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, or other popular online sites than regular TV – and even outdoor TV needs to get those shots to reach their audience.

The future of outdoor media & advertising is already here, and new demands means new gear is needed. When someone asks, "How do we keep our phones charged outdoors?" the portable power station is the answer. When someone needs to know how to make sure the GoPro is ready for those unexpected but perfect moments in nature, that's where the reliable portable power station comes in.

While still one of the best pieces of gear for isolated long-term camps, and a practical solution to important things like making sure the hunters needing GPS to navigate incredibly thick forests don't have to worry, these are the only practical and reliable solution for keeping increasingly high-tech cameras, recorders, and drones powered on trips that can take days or weeks away from any reliable conventional power source.

Perfect for All Levels of Outdoor Influencers & Outdoor Celebrities

Power2Go by Bold North Outdoors was designed specifically to be an off the grid power solution. The quality of design and construction comes from being designed, tested, re-worked, re-designed, and re-tested until it could deliver in the field for a wide range of potentially difficult situations.