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Bold North Outdoors – Your Solution for When You Need Power While Camping

What do you do when you are camping or in a remote area and find yourself in need of power? Bold North Outdoors has the answer to surviving the elements with a reliable and simple solution – by offering the best Portable Power Boxes that money can buy! These Portable Power Boxes supply you with 12V power regardless of where you are. In addition, we offer a solar panel that may be attached to the battery so that you may enjoy unlimited power for a variety of applications.

Bold North Outdoors was founded by Mike and Jon Green, two avid outdoorsmen who, living in Minnesota, understand the need for power in emergency situations. These men first created Portable Power Stations in order to address issues that they came across while engaging in ice fishing. However, it soon became clear that these Portable Power Boxes could be used for so much more. This product can be the saving grace for a variety of situations and it is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of adventure in the great outdoors.

At Bold North Outdoors, there is a Portable Power Station that will work for you and your needs. Every Bold North Outdoors Portable Power Box comes equipped with the following:

– Dual USB Ports – Two Terminal posts – Battery Meter – Master control switch (which powers every other switch) – Cig Socket – 9-Watt Eagle Eye LED options for light (Two) – Four switches that separately and independently control each feature – 12V 20amp circuit breaker

In addition to these features, you can select your product from 3 models: small, large, and glow cup. No matter what you enjoy doing in the outdoors, the Portable Power Box is a must-have. If you are planning a camping trip, you don’t want to be out without it. Not only can you and your family power cell phones, which is essential in case of an emergency situation, you will also be able to charge other electronics for entertainment as well as blow up mattresses for comfortable sleep. In addition, your Portable Power Station will be able to serve as light both inside of your tent and outside of it, especially in conjunction with our USB LED light bulb. Keep your battery charged continuously during your camping trip by using our 12V 10W solar panel. Simply plug the solar cable into the cig socket and set outside of your tent for endless power.

Don’t be caught outside without power! Purchase the best Portable Power Station that money can buy, courtesy of Bold North Outdoors, today.

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