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Our LED strip lights are a flexible circuit board that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting.  The outdoorsman can install our  LED strip lights in their portable ice fishing house, hunting shack, camping tent, under a canopy, on their kayak or canoe, inside their boat, and can be used in emergency situations to light up their crawl space or  room when the electrical grid is down due to a storm.




  • Cut to length – LED tape lights can be cut at custom lengths along cut lines marked on the sleeve

  • Flexible – Can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees

  • Low Profile – LED strips lights can be installed in many tight spaces and easily hidden with a thickness of 1/16”

  • Peel and Stick – Back of strip is fitted with a strong 3M tape, allowing you to peel and stick lights to many different surfaces

  • Connections:  Alligator Clips 

  • Environment – Our LED light strips are 100 percent waterproof

  • Power: .24 watts/LED = 72 watts/300 LED




  • Design:  Dual board design, creating less heat

  • Type: SMD 5050, Waterproof IP65

  • Lenght: 15ft of LED Strip Lights and 10ft positive/negative lead wire (Won't be able to find 10ft of lead wire anywhere else)



15' LED Strip with Alligator Clip Connections

$21.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price

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