Discover how 2 brothers imagined and built the best portable power station on the market
Bold North Outdoors Mike and Jon Green

Bold North Outdoors™ is an independent, family-owned business based in Minnesota.

Outdoorsmen brothers, Mike and Jon Green initially created their portable power station to address issues they’d encountered while ice fishing. It soon became clear that their portable power station could do so much more.

A Note from the Founders of Bold North Outdoors™

Living in the state of Minnesota we have the pleasure of enjoying two types of seasons; construction, and winter. When construction season comes to an end, all we can think about is ice fishing. We’ve had our fair share of issues on the ice. Mike has kicked two batteries down an ice fishing hole, and Jon has torched our Colman lantern multiple times. Plus, there always seemed to be too many wires hooked up to our battery for lights and fans and Jon always seems to forget to charge his cell phone the night before.

These issues inspired us to create Bold North Outdoors portable power stations. We’ve used this amazing new product on a wide variety of outdoor adventures, learning from our customers and our own experience to make it the best portable power station on the market!

Serving America's Veterans.

At Bold North Outdoors™, we are passionate about serving and supporting our veterans. Our co-founder, Mike Green, is a veteran who served eight years in the United States Military with one tour in Iraq. After the company was formed, the two brothers sought a way to give back to veterans coming back from war zones.

Recognizing the Unique Challenge of Veterans

With everything that goes on in our day-to-day lives, we tend to get distracted with work, social media, and the news. We lose sight of what really matters, Family!

Our families are only together because of the men and women that put on the uniform every day to protect us. Whether they are stationed stateside, abroad, or fighting on the front lines, take a moment today at dinner and give thanks and praise to these men and women. When seeing a service member out in public, take a moment and stop by and shake their hand and thank them for their service.

We tend not to realize all the sacrifices these men and women have made that serve our country. We don’t recognize the struggles they might be experiencing mentally do to combat. There are many resources to help soldiers with their issues, but soldiers are also trained to be strong, adapt and overcome issues, and basically to just soldier up and move on. It’s easy to believe that it’s a weakness to have any issues and just bottle everything up. That is why we have partnered with Hometown Heroes Outdoors.

As a former member of the Armed Forces, I can relate to the struggles one might go through transitioning from a soldier that was engaged in combat back to civilian life. The small acts of someone thanking me for my service would change my mood instantly and put a smile on my face.

Partnering with Hometown Heroes Outdoors to Make a Difference

Many soldiers believe in the VA system and being there for each other. One organization that is making this possible is Hometown Heroes Outdoors. This 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit provides law enforcement officers, military service members, and military veterans with outdoor opportunities to assist in healing and building healthy relationships within the community. They like to think of it as a sort of recreational therapy. It’s a way for veterans to get off the couch and onto the water and into the woods with like-minded individuals who share similar backgrounds.

Hometown Heroes Outdoors vision is to assist all law enforcement officers, military service members, and veterans conquer challenges they face as they attempt to integrate back into society. Bold North Outdoors™ believes in that vision and have partnered with Hometown Hero Outdoors Hometown Heroes Outdoors, sponsoring and supporting work they do.