Power2Go 100

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Power2Go100, is a compact, lightweight design featuring multiple connections to charge your mainstream gear to include:

  • CPAP Machines
  • Go-Pros
  • Phones and Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Lights
  • 12v Televisions
  • 12v Refrigerators and Coolers
  • and many more.

Use it in indoors or take with you for outdoor recreation, backyard power, hiking, camping, hunting, summer and winter fishing,  emergency situations, and much more.

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Power2Go100, was designed to give you power to go when power is at a premium.  It is, lightweight, built to last, and offers many ways to charge your mainstream gear and more.  Key factors of what makes Power2Go so unigue is it offers:

  • Boldly Accessible: Ability to open, add/replace batteries
  • Boldly Flexible: Circuit breaker is user-accessible to restore power
  • Boldly Rugged: Marine grade weather components
  • Boldly Persistent: LiFePO4 battery gives 4x the cycles of competitors
  • Boldly Functional: Glow LED light, and more
  • Boldly Versatile: External inverter a better value, gives more/better power alternatives
  • Boldly Priced: Industry best performance at the best price


Below are some of the devices you can power with your Power2Go100. Note,  Actual power consumption varies from different usages. You may consult Bold North Outdoors for better purchase decision.

Fish Finder

172 + Hours

Cell Phone

12 + Charges


5 + Charges


48 + Hours


20 + Charges


2 + Charges

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 8 in
Battery Option

10ah Lithium Battery, 12aH Lithium Battery, 16aH Lithium battery, No Battery

3 reviews for Power2Go 100

  1. Michael Morrow (verified owner)

    I wanted to purchase this box for my Hobie Pro Angler. I was unsure if I needed the big box or the small box. I emailed Bold North Outdoors on a Sunday evening expecting to hear back from them on Monday. Jon replied to my email the same evening. I appreciate the prompt reply.

    Now on to the review.

    The box and the battery were shipped seperately, but arrived on the same day. Jon had informed me via email that this would be the case. The box is solid and watertight. The wiring is clean. Each place a component was installed, a generous amount of silicone seems to have been applied to keep it watertight. Even the small box has room for some amount of storage above the battery. I really like the inline circuit breaker as opposed to a fuse. If the circuit trips you can simply reset it rather than replacing a fuse.

    The box was a little tall for the space I was trying to get it into and I broke a terminal off. It was not a design flaw, but rather me being a little rough with it. I contacted Jon for a source for replacement and he informed me he would send me a replacement part. This is well above and beyond, as this was not his fault or a fault in the product.

    I’ve used the unit three times on the water thusfar. It powers my fish finder, Gopro, and charges my cell phone all at the same time, with no hiccups.

    There are other power boxes on the market and I considered some of the more expensive and more popular brands. I’m very glad I went with Bold North Outdoors ultimately.

    A video review is available on Instagram with the user name shoot_n_

  2. Greg

    I absolutely love this product. While camping I was able to provide power in my tent and when I took my small boat out I was able to run my depth finder and charge my phone. They shipped my product next day I had it with 72 hours from when I purchased. Recommend to everyone

  3. Shirley Benson

    Absolutely love my power box! Used it camping this past weekend at Gila National Forest in Silvery City, NM. We were able to keep our phones charged, and used the USB light to light up the tent. Highly recommended for dry camping.

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