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Finding the Perfect Portable Power Station for Ice Fishing Fanatics

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Some anglers think of winter fishing as taking out the bass boat to enjoy another day in the seventies fishing for a lunker-sized black bass. For those of us who don't live in Florida, the winter fishing options are quite different. Ice fishing is the name of the game when December and January roll around in places where winter means sub-zero temperatures, weeks of snow, and several feet of thick ice.

While it's not for everyone, ice fishing can offer some serious fun while helping truly addicted anglers scratch that itch even when the lake is frozen over. While there are sometimes when a hole in the ice and a bucket might be enough, that's a bit of a rarity. If you want the full ice fishing experience, especially when you're in the full teeth of winter, you need shelter and the right equipment, including a reliable portable power station.

Light Up the Shelter

While light might not be much of an issue during the day, especially if the sun is out, if the day is cloudy or you want to keep fishing into the night, you need to make sure you have a lighting solution for the interior of your shelter. You can tell that the Bold North Outdoors portable outdoor power system is designed by guys who have done their fair share of ice fishing: because this design hits all the marks.

Having a reliable long-lasting power source means you can hang up a string of Christmas lights, power a single bulb lamp, or for those especially cold days go with a heat lamp to warm up the inside and get your much needed light. Or you can simply use the USB LED light bulbs to bring the light you need to watch those bobbers over the hole.

The truth is you can even get creative and use a combination of these techniques to make sure that you not only have plenty of light but also create a comfortable feeling to enjoy the most out of your day out on the water…er….ice.

Sturdy & Well-Designed for Ice Fishing

Ever try one of those small battery-powered "portable chargers?" Small, sleek, and compact might sound great…until your foot barely taps it and it goes skidding into the hole with a loud *PLOP* before sinking into the bottom of the lake.

Based on stories across ice fishing forums, fishing magazines, and any small town northern bar in ice fishing country, you know this is a common one. The portable power box is light enough to be easy to carry and bring along while large and heavy enough that you're not going to just tap it into the hole in the ice.

Aside from providing more options and more versatility than smaller, cheaply made models (and even many large premium ones), the multiple terminal posts, ports, and excellent design means that you can charge phones, GoPros, or anything needing a USB port for that matter. In addition to that, avid ice fishing anglers can also use this one portable power box to turn on the lights, and even focus some light to shine on your plastic worms and jigs.

The solar panel can keep collecting energy all day, helping to keep the battery charged and allowing you to stay out into the night if the fishing gets hot.

Perfect for Catching All the Action

There are many reasons for wanting to catch all the action during a good day of ice fishing. Whether it's proving you're not lying about that giant fish you had to release, recording special moments with friends & family, or creating online content for an outdoor channel – the reason why doesn't matter so much as making sure you have the right equipment to capture it all clearly.

Which leads to smartphones, digital cameras, and GoPros…and the problem that anyone in a northern climate knows comes with these devices. That's battery power. Because electronics hate the cold…especially digital electronics.

Most portable power stations don't take into account the changing technology or the need that many people have for recording the best parts of the day. However, the Power2Go does. There's a reason this is designed to work charging any device that can be connected via USB port and one model even has two ball mounts for a GoPro.

That means the cold can keep sapping at the batteries of your devices, but the Power2Go will act as any ice fisherman's perfect battery-powered charger to get them back to full. You won't have to miss a moment.

A Special Piece of Ice Fishing Gear

While it is easy to think of obvious gear like rods, reels, and what you're going to do about an ice fishing shack (permanent structure versus portable, etc.), if you want to take a good time on the ice from ordinary to truly enjoyable, you need to think of things like having a power source to keep everything charged no matter how cold it is.

While this portable power box is fantastic for a wide number of outdoor activities like camping, hunting, or taking a back country kayaking trip during all seasons, there aren't many that are also solid for winter outdoor fans.

But this is a portable power station that was designed for all seasons, for all outdoor fans, and it's the perfect piece of fishing gear to enjoy a perfect day of winter fishing. Whether sporting a temporary ice fishing shelter or the more traditional ice fishing shack, there's no reason you can't be comfortable, record every special moment, and get the most out of every moment out on the ice.


Author Bio: Shane is one-half of the Dayton Brothers who run Amazing Outdoor Adventures. Aside from hiking, hunting, fishing, exploring, and stumbling into adventures (trouble) as often as possible, he also loves staying on top of the best new gear for outdoorsmen and that's why he's so excited about the Portable Battery & Power Station from Bold North Outdoors.

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