Portable Powered Battery Products to Power Your Life

At Bold North Outdoors, we insure that we have a product that works for you. That’s why our Portable Power Boxes are designed specifically for your needs.

Every BNO Portable Power Box contains the following components:

  • Terminal posts
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Battery Meter
  • Cig Socket
  • Two 9-watt Eagle Eye LED light options
  • Master control switch which gives power to all other switches
  • Four independent switches that separately control each feature
  • 12 volt 20amp circuit breaker
  • Choose from 3 models: Power2Go 100,200,300

Portable Light Options

portable power outlet

Don’t be without power when in remote areas or in emergency situations when the electrical grid is down ever again! Contact us today! (763) 257-6339

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